We offer first-class design
We offer first-class design


Creativity, 3D models, Photo studio, DTP, Packagings, Illustrations

By combining imagination and know-how, we create exciting unforgettable experiences for consumers and brands. Our ideas, assembly team and expertise will help you deepen the relationship with your target group and draw attention to your goals.

We produce creative, technically sophisticated POP / POS products and prepare projects for in-store marketing. Our values ​​are no secret or invention. We simply behave according to the basic principles: to be honest, reliable, innovative, adaptable and cost-effective.

We offer first-class design

For more than 20 years in marketing and production for retail stores and in-store marketing, we have been proud to do our best for our clients.

The design from us will guarantee you great promotional value, a competitive price, a comprehensive approach and fast turnover rate.

We are equipped with powerful workstations, the latest software, vast experience and talent.


3D Visual, Prototypes, Construction, Tests

The significant successes of our clients are the best recommendation for our counstruction specialists.

They come up with ingenious customized solutions made of numerous materials: cardboard, PVC, dibond, forex, palboard, plexiglass, etc. We consider effectively made prototype to be an important part of success in a competitive environment.

Constructions and prototypes

Combining ingenious construction solutions and graphic design, we create original products which will put you ahead of the competition.

When designing stands for our clients, we focus on materials which require strength, safety or requirements for their recyclability.

Constructions and prototypes
Constructions and prototypes
We present you our manufacture.
We present you our manufacture.


Fast delivery after order, High degree of automation, Output quality supervision

Out company uses the most modern technologies available. Whether you want a large number of pieces, maximum speed, the highest print quality, or an original solution, we are always ready to produce.

The company also meets the highest possible standards for sustainable development. We do not use any volatile subsatnces and most of our production is made from recycled material.


We present you our manufacture.

We process orders on the latest generations of machinery connected to a unique software solution which enables production at the most favourable prices.

In addition, we emphasize the quality and long-term professional qualification of our employees.


Paper, PVC, Textile, Metal, Wood, Carpet

Assembly, Installation, Distribution

Fulfill, Sorting, Completation to shop, Decoration, Merchandising, Fast delivery, Reliability

We have ample space for finishing work. Our experienced assembly team work around the clock using the latest automatic packaging technology.

We install our projects quickly and in the highest quality.

The more often you change your shop windows, the more people stop by.

Shop windows decorations in the retail have a fundamental effect on capturing customer’s attention and determine their feelings and perceptions to the points of sale in the way you require. Combinig suitable materials, experience and skills, we are able to reliaze imaginative decorations without compromising the budget.

We are able to handle any installation at the point of sales according to customer’s ideas both technologically and artisanally. This does not restrict the freedom of the creative department. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to create incredible effects that attract customers to buy.

We provide logistics for our customers to the destination. Online report, photos, possible software documentation.


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