We offer first-class design
We offer first-class design


Creativity, 3D models, Photographic studio, DTP, Packaging, Illustration

We combine imagination and know-how to create exciting, memorable experiences for consumers and brands. Our ideas, implementing team and expertise will help you deepen your relationship with your target audience and draw attention to your goals.

We make creative, sophisticated POP/POS products and prepare projects for in-store marketing. Our values are not a secret or an invention. We simply follow the basic principles of being honest, reliable, innovative, adaptable and cost-effective.

We offer first-class design

For more than 20 years in marketing and manufacturing for retail and in-store marketing, we have prided ourselves on giving our best for our clients.

Our design guarantees you great value of your presentation, competitive pricing, a comprehensive approach and fast turnaround.

We are equipped with powerful workstations, the most up-to-date software, vast experience and talent.


3D Visualisation, Prototypes, Structures, Tests

The remarkable success of our clients is the best recommendation for our design specialists.

They come up with ingenious customised solutions made from various materials: cardboard, PVC, dibond, forex, palboard, acrylic, etc. We consider an efficiently made prototype to be an important part of succeeding in a competitive environment.

Structures and prototypes

By combining sophisticated engineering and graphic design, we create original products that put you ahead of your competition.

When constructing stands for our clients, we focus on materials with great strength, safety or recyclability properties.

Structures and prototypes
Structures and prototypes
Introducing our production.
Introducing our production.


Fast delivery, High level of automation, Output quality supervision

Our company uses the latest available technology. Whether you are looking for large quantities, maximum speed, the highest print quality or an original solution, we are prepared to turn your wish into reality at any time.

The company also meets the highest possible standards for sustainable development. We do not use any volatile substances and most of our production is made from recycled material.


Introducing our production.

We manufacture our orders on the latest machines, connected to a unique software solution that enables production at the most favourable prices.

We also emphasise the quality and long-term professional qualifications of our employees.


Paper, PVC, Textiles, Metal, Wood, Carpet

Completion, Installation, Distribution

Implementation, Sorting, Completed and delivered to the shop, Arranging, Merchandising, Timely delivery, Reliability

We have large areas available for finishing work. Our experienced assembly team works around the clock using the latest automatic packaging technology.

We install our projects quickly and to the highest quality.

The more often you renew your shop windows, the more people will stop by.

Window decorations in a retail space have a major impact on attracting the attention of customers and directing their feelings and perceptions to the point of sale in the desired way. By combining the right materials, experience and skills we are able to create inspired decorations without compromising the budget.

We are able to handle any installation at the point of sale according to the customer’s requirements in terms of both technology and craftsmanship. Therefore, we do not limit our creative department. This gives us the ability to create incredible effects that attract customers to buy your stuff.

We provide customers with logistics to the place of destination. Online report, photo, prospective software documentation.


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